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A couple of frequent questions we are asked, with answers:
Question:  Where do we put the names of the passholders in our order?
Answer:  No worries!  One of our Season Passholder coordinators will be contacting you (the purchaser) to get the remaining info needed for the actual passholders you're buying the Passes for, in plenty of time for the reopening of Funderland for the 2019 Season!
Question: Are the Season Passes good every day of the 2019 operating season? 
Answer:  Yes!  Season Passes are valid for all public operating hours of our 2019 Season, which begins Saturday, January 19, 2019, and ends Sunday, November 24, 2019 (our normal public operating days and hours vary month-to-month, so check our website calendar for days we're open, or call us), INCLUDING all weekdays, weekends, and holidays we're open!  There are no blackout dates or restrictions for usage during all public operating hours and days during 2019!  (Please do note that private-rental events held outside of our normal public operating hours are, of course, excluded.)
Call us if you have any further questions, and we'll be happy to answer them!  Our number again: (916) 456-0131

2019 Season Pass $64.95 total

Season Pass price of $79.95/person is valid through November 2019. Parent Pass available for the same price & may be used by one adult parent per day. Pass is not refundable, or transferable, & use of the Pass by any other individual other than the named pass holder is prohibited & will result in Pass cancellation. Pass is valid for unlimited rides any day Funderland is open to the public (private events/park rentals not included). Prices are subject to change without notice. Pass is also valid for birthday party, food, & merchandise discounts. Discounts valid for Pass holder only. Parents are responsible to read & explain Fun & Safety Guides posted at each ride to their children. Limits to consecutive rides may apply. Riders not following rules or regulations will be asked to leave. Some rides have height & age limits that a Pass holder may not meet. Funderland does not allow expectant mothers or guests with hard casts to ride. Funderland reserves the right to close due to weather conditions. Funderland is not responsible for accidents, loss or damage to property. In accepting this Pass, the Pass holder agrees to assume all risk.